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If you're having trouble finding what you need on our website or need additional support, direct your question/comments to the appropriate address or phone number below. Our adoption program staff are standing by to help you.

Adoption Services are provided for those seeking to open their homes and hearts to adoptable children. Families are especially needed for older children, children of minority or mixed racial heritage, and children with special medical needs.  

Maternity Services provide caring and hope during unplanned pregnancies by exploring choices and decision-making. Confidential counseling is provided on  alternatives to abortion, exploring parenting options, family support, and adoption services. Referrals for medical care, housing assistance, and other resources are provided on a case by case basis.
Infant Foster Care Services

Infant Foster Care for children awaiting adoption is also part of our ministry to children.  If you would like to become a foster care parent, please contact the adoption program at (601) 960-8649.

Post Adoption Services are offered in Accordance to the Adoption Confidentiality Act.  Adoptees who are 18 or older may request non-identifying information on themselves.  If the adoptee is 21 or older, a search may be conducted by the agency for the purpose of further information and/or reunion with the birth parents.

Our programs do not discriminate agains persons based on race, age, residence, creed, religion or socio-economic status.

Monica Mounger, MSW

Adoption Specialist

Stacy Pajak, LMSW

Program Director

Adoption Program Staff

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